Ridiculous-ness Is Back!

Remember when we really wanted to talk to the people from the Holiday Hotlines? We’re so glad we got that out of our systems although when I listened back to this episode from Season 5, it was so funny and worth it, I guess.

We’re still taking a break but will be back in the coming weeks with more food and cooking fun so in the meantime, have a laugh with us from the past.

Here’s our post from the episode:

We may not be talking to a lot of hotline people but we sure are having a lot of fun!
So far, we’ve found that any person we have reached on a cooking or baking hotline has to refer us to their supervisor for comment. Seriously?! All we want to do is ask you a question or two to help our listeners with their holiday cooking. Is it really that hard? The answer is apparently: YES!
But we are undaunted and we will continue calling hotlines until someone talks to us. In the meantime, we just get crazy and tell you all kinds of stories and give you other information about cooking that actually is helpful.

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Thanks for listening. We love you!!

Now…Enjoy the craziness…From Season 5, here’s episode 3. Ridiculous-ness Ensues!