With A Side of Coors Banquet

Since we’ve been playing a lot of your favorite episodes, I thought it would be fun to play one of our favorites from the archives.

Season 4 from the Fall of 2020 was all about food stories and, in general, was one of our favorite seasons. We talked to a lot of different people from in and outside of the food world but everyone had a story (or more) about how food affected their lives.

This next episode was recorded with Joe Breaux, our favorite Somm (wine guy) and all around person. I think after listening, he will become one of your favorites, too. This picture is the way we like to think of his evolution as a presenter/entertainer in our wine tasting classes. He’s just the BEST!

From the previous post of 2020:

“I don’t want people to know much about me…”

So, we got a couple of drinks in him and Joe Breaux told “all” in spite of being a private person. You might know Joe from the monthly wine tasting classes that he teaches at the kitchen. If not, and you’re in Tulsa, maybe from his time spent in any number of the fine dining restaurants where he took care of business in the wine department. And, if neither of those are the case, then prepare yourself for getting to know, Joe Breaux.

He is a Houston transplant and as a young man got to know Tulsa through the food industry. From his first job at Tony Roma’s (remember that place?) to present day where he is taking a break from the food world. Although he admits that his identity lands squarely in restaurants and wine lists.

He didn’t always know a lot about wine and vineyards and grape growing. In fact, he describes his upbringing as “sheltered” so the restaurant industry was at the very least “eye-opening” for Joe. In fact, he had no idea that food and wine really existed. Food was sustenance and nothing much more. A far cry from the classic pairings that he became fascinated with as he went in search of…Sauternes and foie gras, anyone? Even with his vast knowledge of wine, Joe is about the farthest thing from a wine snob as you can get. He laughs that he sounds pretentious with all of his interest in caviar and champagne but he can also get down with a Coors and canned seafood.

Oh wait…

Don’t forget, Rat In The Kitchen. Remember, that’s the TBS Network show I taped last summer. My episode is finally scheduled for Thursday, May 26th. We’ll be hosting a Watch Party at the kitchen studio (if you’re in the Tulsa/BA area) and also live streaming on Facebook Live and Instagram Live starting at 7:30 pm CDT that night. So now you can be involved in solving the whodunnit as in Who Is The Rat? Keep an eye out on IG and FB and the website as more details become available.

And, now I promise this is last…If you’re really, really interested in our online classes, you can click right here to be whisked away to our other website and check out the whole program.

And, now, really…here is our favorite Somm…Joe Breaux.