We Never Made It To The Damn Market

“To Market, To Market” aka Season 3 of Not A Single Fork was epic.

Not because we were able to execute on our plans to visit some fun places to shop for food but because well…we couldn’t. We were trapped in the beginning of what would become the Pandemic Odyssey so we invented ways to entertain you without leaving home. We described how grocery stores work and how they strategically locate the products they want to sell. We even “shopped” in our own pantries and played our version of Chopped and “What’s In Your Pantry?”.

Season 3 ended up being not only fun for us but one of our best season’s yet!

So here is a replay of the Season 3 Finale (because we’re still elsewhere although Season 10 is coming soon!) for your listening pleasure.

Oh wait…

Don’t forget, Rat In The Kitchen. Remember, that’s the TBS Network show I taped last summer. My episode is finally scheduled for Thursday, May 26th. We’ll be hosting a Watch Party at the kitchen studio (if you’re in the Tulsa/BA area) and also live streaming on Facebook Live starting at 7:30 pm CDT that night. So now you can be involved in solving the whodunnit as in Who Is The Rat? Keep an eye out on IG and FB and the website as more details become available.

And, now I promise this is last…If you’re really, really interested in our online classes, you can click right here to be whisked away to our other website and check out the whole program.

And, now, really…here is the Season 3 Finale. Thanks for listening!