We Made It! Finally!

I really can’t say this enough but this week has been one helluva week! Yep, it exploded.

We had the floor drains back up into our dishwashing area after Tuesday’s class. And, what we thought would be a simple “snaking” of the pipes turned into an all Wednesday afternoon, $$$$ investment. Could have been worse. Could have been a broken pipe requiring jack-hammering of our concrete floor. As people arrived for Wednesday’s class, we had to turn them away but Thursday’s class went off without a hitch…so there’s that. We made it.

Then, we had to re-record this final episode due to extreme technical issues. That’s why you were listening to an archived show last week (still a really good episode, btw). So, this is the final episode of Season 9. It’s all about the next online class installment – Authentic Mexican. You get to hear about all the video shenanigans and more, of course. We made it.

Last but not least, Rat In The Kitchen. Remember, that’s the TBS Network show I taped last summer. My episode is finally scheduled for Thursday, May 26th. There will be lots of info coming including how to be involved in solving the whodunit as in Who Is The Rat? Keep an eye out on IG and FB and the website.

And, now I promise this is last…If you’re really, really interested in the classes, you can click right here to be whisked away to our other website and check out the whole program.