One Of The Popular Ones

Weird title, right?

Well…that’s because although we recorded the final episode for Season 9, we can’t air it. It kinda exploded.

When that happens, we don’t want you to go without so we’re re-running one of the old favorites. And, that’s what this is. The Season 2 finale was one of the most popular episodes ever and since we love to stroll down Memory Lane, we thought you would like it, too. I mean, instead of radio silence. This episode is the stand-in, stunt double for Episode 6 of Season 9. We’ll be back soon with the real one but we’re going to call it Episode 7.

Below, you will find the notes from the episode. It originally aired on January 13, 2020. In the Dark Ages, before the pandemic blip…

It is the last episode of Season 2 and yes, you guessed it, we hate Valentine’s Day. Not for the reason you think, neither Natalia nor I is single, screaming Adele songs at my cat. I mean, you have been introduced to my cat and she does plenty of screaming on her own so no extra screaming needed.No, we hate Valentines for different reasons. And, you’re going to hear all of them!
We are in the food industry and for years we had to endure Valentine’s dinners at the restaurant. Although, those nights are cash cows, it’s never really worth the stress. V-Day diners are typically the ones who never go out and are only out now because it’s “expected”. Honestly, we’re trying to give you all the leftover food that we haven’t been able to sell and the same goes for the alcohol. Mediocre at best and we are going to charge you A LOT for it. Actually, we’re mainly charging you for the pain we have to go through to deal with all the people who have no clue how to behave when they’re out in public.
Does that set the stage for you? We are definitely ending on a crazy note with this episode. We cover everything from sexy food, aphrodisiacs (not the same as sexy food) and weird bedroom games. In the end, we would just like you to treat every day like it’s Valentine’s Day. Do you really need a special day to let your person know you love him/her? We sure hope not!
Buckle up buttercup, here comes the final episode. Happy Valentine’s Day!?
So, that’s it guys. Thanks for hanging in with us for Season 2. We all made it together and hopefully, mostly stress-free. If we gave you a few laughs along the way, good! That was our plan. Don’t take yourselves too seriously and have fun. Life is short so we’re okay with you eating dessert first.
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Thanks for listening! We’ll be back soon with Season 3 and trips to the farmer’s markets plus interviews!