You Gotta Love A Good Throwback

And, we’re back with more! More food and fun and kinda weird throwback recipes that frankly, no one can believe anyone would eat, back in the day.

We’re pretty fascinated with throwback/retro recipes so we’re going to be sharing lots of them in our online classes. April’s lessons (dropping on the 15th, it’ll make Tax Day a little easier) include not only a super yummy throwback but beet roasting, carrot glazing and risotto making. I especially hate Jello so stay around for the end of the episode when we talk about all the awful Jello salads that were made (and eaten) when I was a kid.

A lot of food preparation and cooking is intimidating so our mission is to make cooking more fun and accessible to you. We want you to enjoy it, have a good time…like we do!

So here comes Episode 5 of Season 9. If you like it, please drop us a line here or review us on wherever you listen.

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