Evolution Of The Online Classes

This has been quite the journey and basically, shit show.

Somehow we lost the Not A Single Fork website posts but they are still existing somewhere out in the podcasting universe. We are making every effort to not lose them but we’ve had no control over anything else so…who knows!?

In this episode, Natalia has a confession and we start explaining the whole online course process. From running wild to realizing we really had to pull this shit in.

I spend and continue to spend some time on what we should call our monthly video offerings. Any suggestions? I would love to consider them. Frankly, not happy with anything I’ve come up with to this point.

Our intent is to provide you with sensible content that fits into your cooking life. To that end, our January videos are all about Healthy-ish Eating. We were overly ambitious but the content is still really good with Black Bean Burgers (already getting rave reviews from members who have made them), two shrimp dishes, a pork tenderloin with burst tomatoes (my personal fave and go-to) and then seared salmon and a stuffed mushroom appetizer. Whew! After taping for 3 months, I can tell you just from looking back at the sheer number of recipes, we were waaayyy too ambitious. We’ve paired it back and learned our lessons.

Oh wait! Did I just have an epiphany? I think we’ll call our monthly videos…wait for it – LESSONS! DUH!!

Yep, that’s the ticket. So the January video lesson was Healthy-ish Cooking since we’re coming back from holiday indulgence!

So each month’s lesson with have a theme. February is COMFORT. March will be a full meal that celebrates Winter to Spring. April, May and beyond? We’ll share those when we get closer to well. April and May but I’ll give you a hint. May will celebrate a favorite Anglo holiday that really is not Mexican. How about that? Break out the Margaritas!

So, here is Season 9, Episode 3. All about how we do the Online Classes. ENJOY!