1968? Who Remembers That?

Ummm…well, I remember 1968 and in this episode, we take a walk down Memory Lane via a well-preserved magazine.

We’re also talking Throwbacks because we’re going to be offering up some throwback recipes in our online classes. I know, I know, you guys like to call them “retro” and yes, they are that, too. But we’re going to take you back and throw the recipe atcha. Get it? Throw – back?

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What you’re seeing above is an actual McCall’s magazine from October, 1968. It cost $.50. Crazy, right? Can’t imagine how much it would cost now, maybe $20? Not only is it tabloid size (or bigger) it advertises itself as the “first magazine for women“. Rightfully, so, because it plays to its audience…it definitely knew that audience and man, have we changed! Or, at least, I like to think we’ve changed. Maybe some people haven’t? It’s like saying, “You’ve come a long way, baby.” That was the slogan for Virginia Slims cigarettes, also, circa 1968.

Natalia found this 1968 McCall’s to be particularly fascinating because it did know its audience so well. She takes you (mostly) page by page through the entire magazine. Reading the advertising as we traveled back to 1968 in this little time machine. By the way, I was 12 in 1968 so there you go.

You may be wondering, what is the significance of all this? I mean, besides that we will be sharing some Throwback Recipes with you? Well, this magazine holds my mother’s famous “Beef Wellington” recipe. There are a lot of interesting (very weird, 1960’s-type) recipes included but the “Tenderloin in Brioche” (not technically, Beef Wellington, but hey, we’re in Oklahoma) was the highlight for my mom. She made the brioche and wrapped it around an entire beef tenderloin then baked it. It was supposed to have truffles and truffle sauce but I don’t remember that part. I’m pretty sure we couldn’t get truffles in Oklahoma in 1968.

Mom was very proud of this dish and it became something of a legend. I think she only made it once. Probably because it was a pain in the ass and no one really appreciated it. But Mom was always willing to take on a challenge even if she had never made the recipe before. This applied to other areas of her life as well but we’re here to talk about food, at least for the moment. She also tried to help us be a bit more sophisticated in our eating and, frankly, our lives than the rest of our family. This was one of those attempts.

We also talk about both us having COVID even though we were sure we had dodged the bullet (having been fully vaccinated and boosted). I spent my time combing through thousands of recipes I had saved since the 2000s. I whittled those many folders and files down to one and in the process, could see how my cooking and knowledge evolved over 20+ years. That’s also going to be part of the online classes.

Our plan is to not only teach you about food and cooking but just as we do here in the podcast, we’re hellbent on entertaining you, first and foremost! And, man, are your going to be entertained here and in our online classes.

So sit back, relax and listen to this next episode.

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