Miss Us? Good Cuz We’re Back!

Wondering when you were going to get that notification that a new episode had dropped? Well, wait no longer.

We have a take a little break between seasons so we can get some fresh ideas, take a little break and then come back with some more fun for you.

Remember how we told you at the end of last season that we know you can’t get enough of us so ICYMI, we’re putting together a “for real” series of online cooking classes packed full of all that stuff you want to see (and not just hear about)? Your wish is our command and this season is all about our NEW Online Classes.

You’ll get all of the background and what we went through to figure all this out, the topics, recipes, tips, tricks and hacks that will all be a part of our online classes. So as we progress, online…we’ll shadow/mirror whatever here in the podcast.

You get a little extra intel and then you’ll be dying to sign up for our very reasonably priced cooking class entertainment. Plus…you’ll be the first to know when we go LIVE with the classes.

Be one of the cool kids…drop us a comment here on the website and we’ll add you to the mailing list. You’ll be the first to know when we bust it all out! The emails (and the online classes) have already started so don’t wait to get on the list.