A final word (or two) about this season of gadgets.

Natalia was being really nice and letting everyone off the hook. Not quite sure what’s gotten into her but okay…she’s not usually so nice. She’s usually busting balls.

So, we provide you a little recap, let you have your gadgets and say a few things about our personal favorites and not so favorites.

Here comes the end of Season 7.

We, of course, will be back after a month or so. We’re going to take some time to work on Season 8’s topic and not just throw another holiday season at you. We really do put some thought into the info we provide…even though it doesn’t always sound like it! We do have a good time talking to you guys (and each other).

In the meantime, Natalia celebrated her 40th birthday yesterday so please share your birthday wishes or condolences.

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We love and appreciate you guys. Keep listening, hang in there.

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