Never to be limited to the topic at hand, but not to worry, we talk a lot about gadgets. We found the episode careening out of control all over the place and topics. We don’t want you to get bored now, do we?

So we start with some gadgets and then somehow end up talking tacos and tequila.

The highlights are below but you’re going to want to listen to the whole episode (as usual!)

01:31 – Jump right in and hear the back story

05:10 – Spiralizing pros and cons

07:35 – Not enough zoodles

12:47 – It’s a multi purpose unitasker

16:53 – I like a good coffee bean grinder

21:35 – Here comes the street taco story and probably more than you want to know about tequila drinks

26:20 – How did we end up at the Sr. PGA?

Hope you enjoy Episode 4 of What the Gadget?

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As always, thanks for listening! Love you guys!!

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