We’re smack dab in the middle of our seventh season and guess what? I’ve got to go!
And, by that, I mean I physically have to leave town for almost a month. What do you do? There’s no time to record, edit and produce complete episodes so Natalia and I decided to run a couple of our greatest hits. We have all these episodes that are just waiting to be re-run so we’re offering up a couple to remind you of where we were about this time last year. We think you’ll get a kick out of them so in place of the next gadget episode (don’t worry they’ll be back in July), here comes What’s In Your Pantry? Volume 1…

Desperate times call for desperate measures and while we’re really not desperate (at least not yet), we certainly have to be a lot more creative.

So, if we can’t go to any of the grocery stores just for fun, we can hang out in my kitchen and forage through my pantry. True enough, I probably have things in my pantry that most people don’t. We could still get crazy with some of the odd and possibly even bizarre items that she dug out,

Like most people, I have flour and rice and some canned goods, as well as things I totally forgot about and don’t really know what they are. We did not do an exhaustive search but we went through any number of items and included ideas about what you can do with them.

We recorded this episode from my kitchen (truly just outside my pantry doors) so the sound is definitely “live” and is different from the other episodes so we hope you enjoy the difference. We had a great time doing it and I think you’ll be able to tell that, too. Of course, we kinda always have a great time!

So complete with sound effects…”What’s In Your Pantry?”

Hope you enjoyed our pantry adventure. There will be one more of these (a peek inside Natalia’s pantry…hope it’s not TOO scary!!) and then gadgets return in July so stay tuned.

We love you guys. Keep listening and hang in there!

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