What’s the difference between a tool and a gadget? For me, it’s the mechanics and typically, the more complicated it is, the more gadget-y it becomes. I think that in order to replace or supplant a good tool, you have to get complicated. I mean, why use a simple knife when you could get a giant chopper, that slices, dices, juliennes, and more all in one stroke? And, you need an entire cabinet shelf just for it and all its parts.

Now, I’m not against a good, multi-tasking gadget that you can use for lots of different things. Heck, I talk about one of my favorites in this episode. What I hate are uni-taskers (thank you, Alton Brown) that take up space in your cabinets and drawers and that you only use for one maybe two things. Maybe just to avoid using a knife?

Now, I know, gadgets can be fun much more fun than a tool, oh, that gets the job done. So, borrow your friend’s gadget, use it until you’ve had all the fun you can handle and then give it back. You’re done, you’re over it and you can go back to, oh, I don’t know, your knife.

This episode is a short one but it definitely hits on all cylinders because why belabor the point when you can get in and out, no muss, no fuss and be done with it…kinda like a smart kitchen tool. See what I did there?

Here are a couple of highlights (because you should listen to all of a short episode anyway):

01:12 – People have a hard time with tongs

03:31 – Do you have a garlic press?

07:43 – I love my immersion blender

11:13 – More thoughts about Imperfect Foods

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