You will find this season’s episodes to be short and sweet, at least for the most part. No reason to belabor the point, right?

We decided that since we spent the first episode bashing all the stupid kitchen gadgets that we would change our tune a bit for the next go-round.

So in Episode 2, you will hear from us about a couple of things that I like and use, and then one gadget, in particular, that Natalia simply cannot wrap her head around.

We also share some information about a company that is doing A LOT to save the planet by decreasing food waste and our carbon food print.

This is a short one so no reason to not listen to the whole thing but in case you’re looking for some highlights, here they are:

01:10 – I like a good mandoline

09:40 – Natalia does not get this

19:27 – Save the planet little by little

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In the next episode, we start our deep dive into our personal favorite and not so favorite kitchen gadgets.

As always, thanks for listening! Love you guys!!

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