Do you rely on gadgets to get you through your kitchen routine? If the answer is, “yes”, then this is the season for you!

Season 7 is all about the good,the bad and the ugly of the kitchen gadget world. And, yes, Natalia and I have some pretty strong opinions about the whole gadget thing.

We open this season with the most ridiculous ones so get ready for the worst of the worst. Courtesy of the website, Tastemade, these folks have found some beauts!

Without wasting any more time…here is Episode 1 and find some highlights below:

04:00 – Why we think people use gadgets

04:55 – Let the gadget bashing begin!

05:26 – How we’re going to do this

08:02 – The tuna press

10:44 – This will turn your ice cream cone for you

16:29 – We’ve always wanted an egg cube

21:05 – But wait, what about a pickle picker?

24:27 – Big finish with asparagus

Do you have a favorite gadget that you can’t live without? Tell us all about it!

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In the next episode, we start our deep dive into our personal favorite and not so favorite kitchen gadgets.

As always, thanks for listening! Love you guys!!

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