She’s one of those people who you don’t expect.

She looks younger than she is, sweeter than she is and definitely has a mouth on her.

Susan Yeh and Natalia began their friendship while working together. They consider each other “wives”. I think that happens under dire and stressful working conditions where you have to pull together as if you are joined like a married couple. Their friendship continues to this day and I think you will hear that during this episode.

We move through her attempt to make gluten-free pumpkin bread to her hate for brown rice and then she really needs an immersion blender.

She didn’t really have the shelter in place or staying home from work that most everyone else did but she has always cooked and making dinner all week long gave her some opportunities to go beyond her usual fare.

Here are some highlights for your listening pleasure but be sure to listen to the entire episode. You don’t want to miss anything.

02:13 – Susan’s interview begins here

07:57 – Baking is not good

08:30 – Interested in gluten-free pumpkin bread?

09:20 – Look out for Natalia’s laugh!

11:55 – She gave up on gluten-free

13:22 – No immersion blender

15:55 – You just feel better with good food

19:54 – She is not into gadgets

If you’re interested, here are the questions we’re asking everyone in some shape or form or other…

  • Did you ever feel excited about being able to stay home and cook more and explore foods you’d always wanted to but never had time for?
  • What did you make? Anything new?
  • Did you have anything amazing? Any disasters?
  • Something hard or unexpected?
  • When the virus is under control…will you continue to cook more? Have you found a new love for cooking at home or are you ready to get away from it?

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Hope you enjoyed this episode…still keeping it real!

As always, thanks for listening! We love you guys!!

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