It’s been another fun season of interviewing and with this episode, we wrap it all up and briefly revisit and review, hitting the high points. Or what we consider the high points.

The biggest takeaway? People realized that the food you put in your body really does make a difference. When you have a chance to slow down a bit and pay attention to what you’re eating, you just feel better. Cooking at home more and eating fast food a lot less made a difference in so many people’s lives. Mindful eating and cooking. That’s all it takes. They think they’re going to keep cooking more at home and a few people even thought this upheaval had good parts to it. They became better people. Interesting, right?

Of course, we want you to listen to the entire episode but if you like to jump around…here you go:

02:15 – All about Ginger

04:45 – Colton is still a really good guy

08:30 – Susan experimented

12:25 – Elizabeth became a baker and Dan watched

16:10 – We liked hanging out with KC

18:40 – Natalia has an opinion about exchange students in the country

20:21 – Sea of Thieves has a great rum drink

21:05 – Take a Walk with KC and Luna

22:54 – Cook at home

24:33 – We’re going to be guests on a podcast

If you’re interested, here are the questions we asked everyone in some shape or form or other…

  • Did you ever feel excited about being able to stay home and cook more and explore foods you’d always wanted to but never had time for?
  • What did you make? Anything new?
  • Did you have anything amazing? Any disasters?
  • Something hard or unexpected?
  • When the virus is under control…will you continue to cook more? Have you found a new love for cooking at home or are you ready to get away from it?

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Also, we are going to be guests on the Fire and Water Cooking Podcast. Their thing is barbecue, grilling, smoking and sous vide and Darrin, the host, talks to lots of different people about just that. They are on all the listening platforms as well as YouTube so you can hear AND see us. We’ll let you know when that episode drops.

Hope you enjoyed this season…still keeping it real! When you’re missing us, relive Season 6 and then before you know it – we’ll be back in May with Season 7 – Gadgets: The Good, The Bad, The Stupid.

As always, thanks for listening! We love you guys!!

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