KC Lupp is the kind of guy you just want to hang out with. He’s funny, smart, charming…all those qualities you want in someone who you spend time with plus he’s just a super nice guy!

KC and I got to know each other while working together on a local TV variety show called “Great Day Green Country” and then later it was known as “Tulsa Live” on FOX23 in, yep, you guessed it, Tulsa.

KC is the morning drive radio personality on MIX96.5. His show, KC In The Morning, is one of the most popular programs on Tulsa radio and he is one of the few people who carries their own show without a co-host. We think his success is driven by that “hanging out” factor. You just want to hang out so we did for this episode. KC also has his own podcast that you can listen to on MIX96.5 – Take A Walk With KC and Luna. And, the podcast is just that. KC lives out in the country (Bristow, Oklahoma, USA) and he takes a walk with his little dog, Luna (who is the cutest) and talks about whatever comes to mind. In the latest episode, he talks about video games and Luna gets stickers in her paws. It’s short and light and super enjoyable. Please listen…I promise you’ll like it! There is a link below the time checks to click, listen and follow.

Recorded in my home kitchen, the topics ranged from warm nuts (you’ll have to listen to get that inside joke) to playing the cello and announcing fight nights to Brazilian food. And, there was never a dull moment. Please enjoy Episode 6 – Hangin’ Out With KC.

If you want to jump around, you can hit the high (or just very funny) points at these times:

03:58 – Let the interview begin!

11:55 – He cooks more because of Candace

12:15 – His go-to dishes

14:30 – He loves to bake

15:44 – And, he loves turkey burgers

16:54 – The disaster meal

21:05 – The unexpected skill he is practicing

22:05 – Aargh, matey! Playing Sea of Thieves

23:03 – Shakshuka from Mothers Day 2020

28:01 – Let’s all hang out

29:50 – He’s excited to cook more

Be sure to listen to KC’s podcast on MIX96.5 by clicking right here.

If you’re interested, here are the questions we’re asking everyone in some shape or form or other…

  • Did you ever feel excited about being able to stay home and cook more and explore foods you’d always wanted to but never had time for?
  • What did you make? Anything new?
  • Did you have anything amazing? Any disasters?
  • Something hard or unexpected?
  • When the virus is under control…will you continue to cook more? Have you found a new love for cooking at home or are you ready to get away from it?

We’re making it easier than ever for you to join the conversation.

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Hope you enjoyed this episode…still keeping it real!

As always, thanks for listening! We love you guys!!

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