Let the interviews begin! And, we’re starting off with a super entertaining one.

She does A LOT! Alesha Brandt, aka Ginger is an accomplished trainer of some serious dogs She produces a podcast called Working Dog Radio and she is the co-owner of Torchlight K9 where she and her partners provide the most progressive training and services in Oklahoma. That means they train a lot of dogs for the military and law enforcement. When she’s not training dogs or producing the Working Dog Radio podcast, she likes to cook

In the whole scheme of things, she’s probably the most inventive home cook we’ve talked to so far in our podcasting world. She’s just not afraid of anything and who would be when you’ve got a 100lb dog who will eat you on her command?!

Ginger also happens to be a good friend and like both of us, is pretty free-wheeling. Here are some highlights to look for in this episode but be sure to listen to the whole thing!

04:54 – The interview begins

10:29 – Another turkey spatchcocked

11:38 – The discovery and journey to black garlic

18:50 – No intimidation to be found

28:15 – Let’s vacuum seal it

29:08 – Other kitchen gadget escapades

30:20 – Don’t sous vide rice

If you’re interested, here are the questions we’re asking everyone in some shape or form or other…

  • Did you ever feel excited about being able to stay home and cook more and explore foods you’d always wanted to but never had time for?
  • What did you make? Anything new?
  • Did you have anything amazing? Any disasters?
  • Something hard or unexpected?
  • When the virus is under control…will you continue to cook more? Have you found a new love for cooking at home or are you ready to get away from it?

We’re making it easier than ever for you to join the conversation.

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Hope you enjoyed this episode…still keeping it real!

As always, thanks for listening! We love you guys!!


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