And, here we are with Season 6! So excited but also amazed that we have come so far since starting our little podcast almost a year and a half ago! We’re still pretty small but mighty, right?

We did a lot of thinking about what to do with this season. Not knowing how soon the pandemic may resolve itself, we thought maybe we should address the only constant in life…CHANGE! Being the disruptors that we are, we also wanted to continue our mission of “keeping it real’ so we are back to interviewing but real, everyday people. Some you may know and some you may not BUT all of them with interesting stories to tell about their COVID food journey. We wanted to know: What are they making/cooking/baking? Is it something new, maybe something they’ve always wanted to try but never had time for? What are their successes or disasters? And, will they keep it up once things get back to “normal”?

We want to know all those things and because I love bookends, we’re starting and ending with ourselves. So, here is Episode 1 of our ever changing food world and what we have been doing (that maybe you don’t already know).

This is a short one because we just wanted to get you comfy with the new season and get ready for some super fun interviews. Here a few highlights to look out for:

02:45 – What are we doing this season?

03:34 – I’m going to see a woman about a turkey

09:15 – The Dutch oven journey

13:15 – The country pate journey

16:15 – What do all those downloads mean?

18:21 – Sourdough and more sourdough

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Hope you enjoyed this episode…still keeping it real!

As always, thanks for listening! We love you guys!!


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